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More about locality

In the third post of the memory series, we briefly explained locality and why it is an important principle to keep in mind while developing a memory-intensive program. This new post is going to be more concrete and explains what actually happens behind the scene in a very simple example. This post is a follow-up to a recent interview with a (brilliant) candidate1. As a subsidiary question, we resented him with the following two structure definitions:

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Memory - Part 3: Managing memory

Developer point of view In the previous articles we dealt with memory classification and analysis from an outer point of view. We saw that memory can be allocated in different ways with various properties. In the remaining articles of the series we will take a developer point of view. At Intersec we write all of our software in C, which means that we are constantly dealing with memory management. We want our developers to have a solid knowledge of the various existing memory pools.

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